Labor Day Sale - Limited Supply of Texas Angus Beef - Full and Half Carcass Available!

LIMITED TIME ONLY! Organic grass-fed Texas Angus beef from River Creek Meats. Only FOUR AVAILABLE.

Half-carcass [325 lbs] $1600 (+$500 processing fee)
[650 lbs] $3000 (+$1000 processing fee)
*Weight is approximate. Average of $7/lb

Email for processing dates & fees.

Get Your Angus Beef

Organic grass fed Texas Angus beef from River Creek meats. Only FOUR AVAILABLE.


*All products are sold based on average weights. Slight variations in weight may occur.

Raised 100% Natural

Our cattle is NEVER introduced to antibiotics or hormones and is raised to the highest standards.

Aged for Maximum Flavor

Our steaks are put through a 14-day dry-aging process for to concentrate the flavor of the meat.

Packaged with Care

Each order is carefully placed and shipped frozen in our River Creek Wagyu insulated boxes. 

River Creek Meats is now part of the GO TEXAN program!